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Sheriffhenry is collection of essays, commentaries and observations
by Henry Nicolle.

The content is political.
The tone, critical.

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a republic (1849)
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Americans are individually inherently independent, self-determining and self-governing.
Our society consists of "We" the People, our agents and our public servants who comprise our self-governing institutions.
"We" are the Authority and Masters of our Society. "We" employ our "agents and servants" to do our bidding.
Logically and lawfully, our "governments" cannot be "separate entities" from the "Citizens".
We must not allow People in government to rule themselves.
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Henry Nicolle.

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25 October, 2011
Appeal for Donations for Steve Laubly in IRS Appeal of Decision
26 March, 2011 Kusar
Example of Corrupted Judiciary
Cost of the War in Iraq
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