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Message to Richard Cheney

From: Albert Eggert <aleggert@hotmail.com>
Subject: Steve Laubly's overview of his trial

Hello All,
The following is written in Steve's own words. The trial has left him without funding for his appeal because the IRS seized all his assets. He only has to the late part of November to file his appeal. any and all help would be most appreciated by Steve and his family for raising funds to pay for his appeal. We are hopeful that the funds can be raised to cover the expenses for having Mr. David Champion assist him in his appeal via his appeal attorney. All contributions can be sent to the families Paypal Account: manager@laubly.com . Again, please help if you can for a true patriot's life and freedom are at stake!

Albert Eggert
California state Citizen
Submitting the following in Steve Laubly's own words.

I went to the IRS telling them that I hadn't been filing, and that I was willing to pay them all that they believed I owed them, plus interest and penalties. The agents I spoke with agreed to not do any collections until they came up with a number and then I could start making payments. I told them I would pay them $5,000 per month to pay it off.

After several meetings and records being turned over, all of a sudden they decided to make an example out of me and go criminal. (They put me on TV, Radio, Newspaper, and the Intenet, and the new IRS agent who did this to me was promoted right after my conviction...)

I was arrested, they forced a totally incompetent attorney on me, who totally refused to represent me properly. I had a "Marsden Hearing" in which the judge praised the attorney he had given me, and refused to remove him.
I was prohibited from presenting my testimony, over 200 pages of evidence, from questioning their witnesses, and from calling my own witnesses. The prosecution lied several times during closing, my attorney ignored it, and I was convicted.

I filed against my attorney with the BAR, and a complaint for judicial misconduct against the judge.

When the pre-sentencing report came out it recommended 33-41 months. After the complaints were filed, the amended pre-sentencing report then called for up to 71 months. During sentencing the judge refused to let me put my statement on record, and prohibited me from speaking before sentencing. He said derogatory things about me and my family, and stated that in my case he wished that there was no limit to the amount of time he could give me, and proceeded to give me 8 years. (I am 62, in bad health, and am disabled. Besides this I have never committed any crimes or anything other than a couple traffic violations.)

I brought up the fact that there was a conflict of interest and the appearance of impropriety because of the criminal charges I filed against him, and he just said he was not going to recuse or disqualify himself because of that.

I have proof that throughout the investigation and trial the following crimes and denials of due process were committed against me:

The IRS, court, prosecution, and court-appointed lawyer violated my rights as follows:

1. To be notified of Grand Jury Investigation
2. Participation in Grande Jury selection
3. Withheld exculpatory evidence from the Grand Jury
4. Right to competent and effective counsel
5. FRCP Rule 12, right to file pre-trial motions
6. Right to file affidavits
7. Right to address the jury
8. Right to confront my accusers
9. Right to remedy
10. Right to have my rights timely protected
11. Right to fair and equitable trial, and unbiased judge and jury
12. Right to be tried by a Title III judge in a Title III Court
13. Right to request mistrial
14. Right to fire lawyer ( Marsden)
15 Many violations of USC 5, sec. 556 (d), 557 & 706
16. My right to speak at sentencing
Any many other USC sections and US Constitution and California Constitutional violations.

From: "Greg" <greg@ticketslayer.com>
Subject: Appeal for help for a fallen brother
My good friend, Steve Laubly is sitting federal prison. He got eight years on a federal income tax conviction.

I have known of murders and rapists to receive less time. Worse is the fact that my friend Steve is 62 years old and in bad health. Eight years is likely a life sentence for Steve. The judge in Steve’s case seriously violated Steve’s right to receive a fair trial repeatedly.
Only three weeks time remains for Steve to file an appeal in his case, in hopes he will be granted a new trial, and released from prison pending a new trial. Steve has only a court appointed attorney to do his appeal. Mostly, court appointed attorneys just go through the motions so that the system can claim it has provided a convicted person with due process of law, and a fair judicial review of a conviction. There is nothing fair or just about any of it.
David Champion, a noted income tax fighter has agreed to help Steve’s public defender write Steve’s appeal. David can have an appeal written up and ready to file for Steve in a matter of days. However Steve has no money to pay David’s $3,500 fee (the IRS made sure of that!) This is why I am appealing to you for your help.

Please CLICK HERE to continue to read the rest of the story. It contains a REAL SHOCKER regarding something horribly rotten going on In our federal courts concerning justice — more precisely, the total lack of justice!

Greg Slaughter

PS: Please pass this on to other email lists that you are a member of.

Greg Slaughter:

Dave Champion:
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