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Richard Cheney, Vice-President of the United States
The White House
Washington, The District of Columbia
Wednesday - 06 March, 2003

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Mr. Richard Cheney
Vice President of the United States

Dear Mr. Vice President,
I have just read a report published by Matt Drudge, an on-line Internet journalist, indicating that you have taken offense at a parody of Mrs. Cheney's life summary published by another on-line journalism site, “whitehouse.org” and expressed your displeasure to the publisher from your office as Vice President.

 From this sad viewpoint 227 years after our Declaration and our successful challenge to tyranny by established government, I must wonder at your taking offense at the parody by “whitehouse.org”.

I can understand your personal indignity, but the unauthorized exercise of your office in retaliation is Constitutionally  unacceptable.

When I consider the contrast between your indignance and the indignities laid upon the exercise of the fundamental tenets of our Revolution, upon the mandates of our federal Constitution and upon our unparalleled great experiment in true self-government by you and your fellow members of this Administration, I can only suggest that yours is a vanishingly petty personal grievance.

Your complaint, it seems to me, is a symbolic expression of the shamelessness of a petty Caesar. Remember that your place is that of a high servant of "We the People" and the enjoyment of  higher ambition would require that you take leave of your office and return to the “We the People”, to rejoin the true sovereign of these great and united States of America.

Parody is political speech Mr. Cheney, a Constitutional matter that you are obliged to preserve and defend. Neither poor taste, bad journalism, rudeness nor incivility are criminal. The exercise of the influence of high public office for private benefit however, is a crime.

In closing, I will stretch my point: In a real world, which is the more offensive parody, Mr. Cheney, "whitehouse.gov" or "whitehouse.org"?

With all respect due to our Office of which you are entrusted and to Mrs. Cheney in her private capacity,


Henry Nicolle
Citizen of California, a republic and a union state

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