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As a matter of course, "We the People" have lost the practice of self-government and have become an ordinary Nation. We have abandoned the practical virtues and strengths of our union of Republics and substituted for it, the perceived benefits offered by the generosity of a marginally democratic, socio-fascist, centralized national ruling class. Of course, the property for a benefit granted to one inhabitant must be extracted from some other inhabitant. The extraction by a benefactor of property from an unwilling participant necessitates a corollary destruction of any individual right to property and pursuit of happiness. 

There is nothing in the life of an American man, woman or child that may be exercised without the qualification of Professionals and permission of Regulators who know better than we if, when and how it may be done. From birth, live, dead or terminated, to death, natural, murdered or terminated, our existence is controlled and regulated by quasi-government men and women. 

This process has been devolutionary, placing our Citizens now on the same political level as the People of the various American Indian Nations, sovereign in name only. We retain the dream of sovereign and free, but in the harsh, cold light of reality the truth is that we are ruled... "governed" would be an inappropriate description of our governance. 

If you have just said to yourself, "What hogwash and exaggeration!", think about it for a moment, with just slightly deeper effort than the superficial evaluation you have just made. How long do you think you sill stay our of jail in America if you do not report and register a home-birth? Or a still-borne home-birth? Recording a new child's name and parents in the home Bible or its equivalent, is no longer acceptable conduct. The same question applies at a death in the neighborhood. Do you think that you can just go out in the back yard and bury your Grandpa? Fire him up and scatter the ashes about the forest? Don't try liberty at home, it's reserved for the Professionals who are licensed and know how and why it is done. 

So, with the lightweight thinkers properly guided to the less-trodden trail with us, let's consider our new government. Are its benefits and convenienvces worth the effort to tolerate its meddling in our lives? 

We have an elite, defacto ruling class consisting of about 1% of our population, a tax-paid governing sector of about 25% of our working population, a dependent class of about 60% of our population and of course, the rest of us. The "rest of us" are the productive and wealth generating sector of our society, the remnant of our once free and proud society. Even so, this remnant of a liberty-minded people has lost its independent vitality. 

Only a handful of Americans are consciously aware of this fundamental conversion of our governing processes and fewer understand the significance of what has been lost and how the deed was done. These Americans who understand and object, I will call the new patriots, assuming until otherwise proven that we agree that the restoration of supremacy of individual rights and liberty over the convenience of government and benefit to "society" is our common aspiration. If individual rights are not sacred and preserved by common agreement, no part of society is safe from sacrifice on the altars of governing expediency and social benefit. 

We are governed, yes... but we are our own governors, choosing from among ourselves the men and women to whom we grant the privilege to serve our common necessary purpose. Our intention is that once the dreary business of governing is delegated temporarily to those we trust, we may devote our own time on this earth to our private activities and individual pursuit of happiness. The sole function for which we animate our representatives is to preserve our inherent personal rights and liberty from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. 

In this fundamental sense, having taken our liberty and banished our government, we created our institutions and processes for governing ourselves and we alone, not our representatives, have the right to alter, abolish or replace those processes and institutions. Our representatives and institutions lack any authority to act as the sovereign, except in representing us in the commerce of nations. 

Over the years, our Presidents, Congress, Judiciary and States have found this basic relationship of sovereignty, people and government to be inconvenient until now, after casting off our former government, we find ourselves again under the iron hand of tyranny. Subjugation to modern American tyranny remains relatively and momentarily voluntary, but we can feel the hot breath of unrestrained totalitarianism on our collars. Only the foolish and imprudent will stand silently and allow continued progression to an irreversible state of submission and subjection. 

At our War Between the States, the prevalent understanding before Lincoln's presidency was that states were sovereign and secession was a viable political right. Lincoln eliminated the concept of state sovereignty by invading, conquering and occupying the states of the Confederacy. Lincoln then re-incorporated the states of the Confederacy under a state of Reconstruction and military rule. During this process, Lincoln unconstitutionally created an entirely new state and had state representatives removed from the Congress who would not agree to legislation for his ambition of a new Federal Nation. 

A fair argument can be made that the constitutional union of "the United States of America" (a plural proper noun) expired at that period and was replaced by a new Nation, called the "United States", (a singular proper noun). Neither succeeding presidents nor Congress have deemed it necessary to repeal the anti-constitutional legislation known as the Reconstruction Acts, establishing military rule in the states. These acts remain valid and in effect today. 

Over the following years and administrations, the Federal Government has replaced the Constitutional division of federal authority with parallel Federal institutions, substituting Federal Municipal Fiat for constitutional authority. The reasoning is effective, however faulty in law. The Federal Government as we know it today, was created piecemeal as successive Congresses, Presidents and Courts abandoned the delegated powers and limitations of the federal constitution, exchanging limited enumerated powers for presumption of  unlimited municipal powers over the District of Columbia and other federal Places purchased for "needful buildings" and other enumerated purposes. The Congress and President claim   with Federal Court  confirmation, that the Constitution has no controlling effect within federal municipal powers expressed under Article I, Section 7, Clause 17. Their claim is that the Federal government rules there and it exercises exclusive sovereign authority with unlimited powers. What Congress, the President or the Courts order, is the law of the Municipal Federal enclave. While the claim of the reconstructed Federal Government may be excused as misunderstanding or expedience of institutionalized bureaucracy, the excuses must end at that point. 

What came next may easily be termed treason. The Federal government, via the institutional bureaucracy, at the instigation of a succession of presidents, the acquiescence of the Congress and the complicity of the federal courts, extended the presumption of Federal Supreme Sovereignty to the States. Although initially slow to adopt this revolutionary and treacherous scheme, the state institutions and representatives joined the Federal Government to create what we now mistakenly consider to be the new "United States". The replacement of the constitutional republican union by the Federal National Government is not fully accomplished, but has achieved a national quality and effect. Many of our society prefer the Nationalization of our country's governing processes. A few find the conversion unwelcome. 

These Sheriffhenry Essays explore the processes, effects and consequences of the ongoing revolution against constitutional government by treasonous representatives and ambitious institutions. 

In these essays, I allude to "We the People", state constitutions, the federal constitution, the Federal US government and the State governments.  The common theme of my essays is to explain these terms and why they are critical to understanding individual loss of self-determination and governing sovereignty in our country. The goal suggested by these essays is the recovery of our individual liberty and inherent sovereignty. 

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(This is an original political essay, composed Thursday, 06 March, 2003)
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