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The Philosophy of Fundamental American Governance
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At the period just prior to our Revolution,
individual liberty was greatly inhibited
by the political and social status of each man, woman or child.
The concept of governments created to serve the population
was a revolution of its own kind.

The American Revolution was not a popular revolution.
The existing government did not approve of the revolution
and the bureaucrats and military shot and hanged
as many of the insurrectionists as they could manage.

The great majority of civilian colonists also were opposed to separation and self-rule,
until we seized the property of those who disagreed with us. 
In pursuit of Liberty, we killed or frightened into exodus any serious civilian opposition;
we killed thousands of British and other European soldiers and politicians;
we closed down the institutions of government, locked the courts
and chased the tax-collectors, lawyers and judges from our towns.

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