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The Fundamental Practical Effect of These Principles
and Conditions for Consent for Government:

In the united States of America, the institutions of government are formed and tolerated
for the sole purpose of protecting and preserving
the inherent and individual rights of the People, the founders and their posterity.

The tasks of governing are best performed when individual rights
of life, liberty and property are aggressively defended.

When we tolerate the sacrifice of individual liberty
to the convenience of governing or the general interests of society, 
freedom and security are lost by all.

In a managed society, no one can be safe
in their body, their property, their liberty or their ambition.
The individual, his property and his liberty are not his own.

Our delegations of power surrender none of the powers delegated.
The People may individually or cooperatively exercise every inherent power 
when circumstances so demand, regardless of delegation.

Our delegations of power are not permanent delegations.
The People may retract the authority and means delegated
at any time of their choosing,
without notice or justification.

Our Constitutions delegate no authority for government to manage our society.
The establishment of our republics is intended
to provide a means to preserve the liberty of the People
to independently choose, develop or neglect their own fate,
undisturbed by powers which would seek to restrict and guide
our private decisions.

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