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Sheriffhenry Commentary on Kusar
- Judicial Corruption Supporting Government Crime -

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Sheriffhenry Commentary on Kusar
- Judicial Corruption Supporting Government Crime -

In the early 1990's, J. Ara Kusar was abused by Los Angeles "law-enforcement". In the process of seeking rederess, Kusar demanded certain recorded information regarding every person arrested for certain particular offenses by two specifically named deputy sheriffs over a ten-year period beginning January 1, 1981. The California Public Records Act requires such information to be viewed. Los Angeles refused to release the demanded information.

Kusar sued and won the lower court's order for the government to provide the information.

Los Angeles appealed in Superior Court of Los Angeles County, No. BS019456, Charles Carter Lee, Judge presiding and the lower court was reversed, opinion by Croskey, J., with Klein, P. J., and Kitching, J., concurring.

The court's ruling in Kusar commands that the Legislative intent expressed in the California Public Records Act is that the records noted in California Government Code Section 6254, Subdivisions (f)(1) and (f)(2) must be "contemporaneous". This is an invention by the judges, a fraud upon the court and the judges' usurpation of legislative authority by unlawful expansion of the legislative words and intent.

In my opinion, the judges conspired and executed a deliberate perversion of the law of California's Citizens in contradiction of the People's will and purpose for the creation of government. Juxtaposition by the court of of the words used by the Legislature in a Statute, thereby modifying their plain meaning, serves to misrepresent and subvert the intent of the Legislature and that perversion is a deliberate and overt act to aid and abet criminal conduct by the govenment.

The appeals division judges altered the literal language of the statute by reversing two key clauses in Subdivision (f)(1). In addition, the judges altered the context for reading Section 6254, Subdivisions (f)(1) and (f)(2) by omitting critical elements of Subdivision (f)(1) and by improperly associating Subdivision (f)(1) with impressions of restrictive general language.

The Kusar decision is the primary authority utilized by California law enforcement to establish policies which deny public access to records the Act requires to be disclosed. So long as Kusar remains unchallenged, criminal and treasonous conduct by government actors will be protected by the corrupted criminal, administrative and judicial processes.

For the record, everything contained in these web pages is an opinion of or conclusion by Henry Nicolle, a natural Montanan and a declared Californian. Do your own homework and use your own knowledge, judgement and experience to evaluate Kusar and my allegations of corruption, complicity and criminally offensive conduct by the governemnt in this case.

To be "self-governed" means that we are individually the judges of the conduct and intent of our representatives, officials, ordinary servants, law enforcement and judges. We cannot allow the people in government to be the sole arbitors of their own (government) conduct, nor can our individual judgement as Citizens, to be replaced by committee or "democratic" opinion.

We are a Republic, not a Democracy. Our Individual Authority and Powers have been loaned/delegated, not surrendered.

Being Self-Governed, we remain individually responsible for our own welfare and for the acts of our representatives and public servants. When our authority is abused and our powers are exercised exceeding our will, it is our duty to hold both our institutions and individual government actors to account, regardless of the cost, even to the destruction of our own governing institutions. When government actors do not serve us properly, they are our destroyers and we must never allow the destruction of our Lives, Rights and Liberty.

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