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Essay on
The Pledge of Allegiance Controversy
In the recent national political spotlight have been the recurring conflicts between those who would govern with a Christian Bible in one hand and those who would prevent any religious activity whatsoever from the activities, properties and conveniences of American public affairs.

One such item is the placement of a monument depicting an artist's conceptualization of the pre-Christian Judaic "Ten Commandments" within the confines of a county courthouse in one of the southern states. The second item of similar prominence is the utterance, led by a person of authority in a government controlled and mandated forum, of the "Pledge of Allegiance".

It is argued by opponents that such items are acts of people clothed in the authority of government and are violating the 1st Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America, attempting an establishment (verb) of religion under the color of law.

The proponents of the respective items argue that the same 1st Amendment of the Constitution preserves their individual right to apply the property and convenience of the People, represented by the government, in order to acknowledge a "Superior Moral Foundation" for our government and to induce the proper emotion of patriotism for the resulting Institutions of American Government.

It is further argued that "God" exists and that a mandate to acknowledge "God" is inherent and explicitly annunciated in the Founding documents of our state and federal governments. 

"God", however, is a matter of Faith and is highly subjective and dependent upon the opinion in the mind of each individual human. The Founders recognized the duality of belief and faith coexistant with personal liberty and religious expression. Regardless of their personal faith, they left religion out of the Constitution and out of the hands of those who who rule the Federal Government.

“Under God” is a recent amendment of the Pledge of Allegiance. The pledge itself was conceived and published over a hundred years after our Revolution against tyranny and more than one hundred years before today’s conflict over the place of religious practice and government functions.

Patriotism and morality cannot be legislated. They are either present or they are not. Morality and patriotism cannot be taught by government, they are demonstrated by living example and adopted for their beneficial qualities. The founders knew this fact and in their personal experience, had cause to avoid granting any actual or presumption of authority for governmental mandates of morality and faith in the new government. At the same time, most, if not all of the Founders acknowledged the existence of good” and “evil” and the necessity for common, fundamental agreement on what constituted civilized personal conduct. The common statement of agreement among the founders was the Bible, incorporating the unaccountable authoritarian principles of the Old Testament and the tolerent, forgiving principles of personal liberty and accountability of the New Testament.

The Right Wing has taken up advocacy of the severe form of unaccountable, brutal and effective governing described repeatedly by the Old Testament and has abandoned the tenets Christianity which command tolerance and privacy of religious practice. The Left Wing has taken up the liberal tolerance of the New Testament and abandoned the personal accountability aspect which tempers license and moral abandonment.

The Right Wing of the American government and their supporters act as if they believe that civilized behavior is voluntary only when an iron fist of arrest, personal ruin, prosecution, fine, imprisonment and execution are poised by government agents to strike against the offenders of their concept of liberty.

The Left Wing of the American government and their supporters act as if they believe that civilized behavior can be purchased with tolerance and the theft and distribution of private property of those who do not agree with their concept of liberty.

So long as the Left and the Right of our society are allowed to impose their common tyranny upon our People in the guise of Irrational (Godly) Authority or Unaccountable Humanism, our generations are doomed to mediocrity of spirit, liberty and achievement.

The hypocricy and inherently malevolent underpinning of the argument that “no-none is forced to pledge or to worship in a schoolroom or other forum mandated or controlled by government agents demonstrates the foolish and unsupportable quality of the demand for Oath and Prayer in the exercise of governmental activities.

The United States of America was never and should never be a Christian” nor a “Godless” organization. It is itself a dead non-entity, incapable of either evil, good or indifferent conduct. The People’s beliefs and practices are the soul of the government. When the people in government abandon the assigned forms of governing and the People to not protest, it is moot whether we have a moral, Godly, evil or dispassionate government, because the People and the people who govern have become disconnected with principles of government established when we destroyed the hold of our former government. It is time to cast off the hold of the Right and Left who have seized our governing process and are pruning the Tree of Liberty to a stunted and warped Bonsai topiary.

Sheriffhenry Essays explore the processes, effects and consequences of the ongoing revolution against the People's constitutional self-government by elected representatives, officials and servants of our institutions. 

In these essays, I allude to "We the People", state constitutions, the federal constitution, the Federal US government and the State governments.  The common theme of my essays is to explain these terms and why the definitions are critical to understanding individual loss of self-determination and governing sovereignty in our country. The goal suggested by these essays is the recovery of our individual liberty and inherent sovereignty. 

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(This is an original political essay, composed Thursday, 06 March, 2003)
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