Policy and Presumptions of Power
By Henry Nicolle
Exclusive first publishing granted to The Seattle Sinner May, 2008

For our readers, let me assure you that my statements, the names of the people and their conduct are all documented and verifiable and are as true as I can personally and responsibly know them to be. They are the fruit of my direct experience. Second, the men and women to whom my statements pertain are public actors and their public conduct under color of law are NOT protected and they cannot be exempted from public observation and comment.

When little Cindy Rudas, a common, low-level, uniformed highwayman of the Ventura City Police Department and her accomplices took upon themselves to cast away our law and our purpose for government and imposed their personal opinions of my conduct upon my person with acts of physical violence and lucid threats of death by cop or extended imprisonment, they abandoned any personal relief from the common sensibilities of a civilized society.

A highwayman is defined by his or her conduct. A thief is identified by his or her conduct. A liar is identified by the veracity of his or her words. A traitor is identified by abandonment of allegiance to oath and duty. A thug and bully are identified by their simple, remorseless violence. The passive crimes of going along to get along are identified by the silence of those who have a duty to speak but who will not.

Are we agreed, at least to this point? Good. I am choosing my words carefully and defining the contexts so that we can avoid arguments over the words and focus on the principles and principals.

Cindy Rudas and her extended coterie of "Special Culture" are approaching the evolutionary peak of their presumed power and social status. For decades, we have allowed, even encouraged the transfer to our institutions and public employees of our individual liberty, our exercise of individual rights, our ownership and control of property and our free self-determination of individuals and of our free society. Little remains of our most precious and inherent wealth in our own hands.

For the better part of a year, I have rambled on about the generalities of what we believe, what we presume and our "could not care less" avoidance of consideration of our own future and for  the errors of presumption which currently make paupers, cowards and asses of ourselves, our children and our neighbors. When we are told "Stop Here!" "Stand there!" "Sign This!" Wait in that line!", we do.

We say,

"Yassah, Boss! - Anything you sez, I does right immejutly, 'cause I knows that if I kiss your butt, you might not whup mine, and I don't want no trouble, Boss, no trouble. I'z a Good Citizen! Say Boss, how you feelin'? You lookin' a little down, like you got troubles. Would it cheer you to see me dance a bit for you?"
Translated from the politically incorrect, but true:
"Let me see your papers."
Yes sir, Officer. How are you today? Here are my papers, Sir."
"You were going a little fast back there."
"Oh really, Officer" I didn't Realize, Sir. I will be sure to pay closer attention, but I was in a hurry to get to the Police Rodeo, Sir."
"Sign here or we will take you to jail."
"Thank you, Officer. Yes Sir. Of course I will sign. Where should I sign, Sir?"
"Right where I marked the form. Have a good time at the Police Rodeo."
Thank you officer, Sir. I appreciate your service in keeping our city safe, Sir. Uh, may I go now, Sir?"
(no answer necessary as the cop returns to his car or scooter.)
Let's see if I have this right. Arrests without crimes. Prosecutions without prosecutors. Punishment without trial. Hmmm . . .  Kiss butt or go to jail or double the fines. Bow your head and tug your forelock in respect, speak humbly and submit with true respect.

This is America?

These are our Americans?

Many LEOs read what I write and I always sign off with the tag, "When does the shooting start?". One asked, round-about, "Henry's always talking about shooting cops." (Not true at all.) "So where's Henry going to be when the shooting does start?"

Henry does not know. Neither does his critic. Stay alert. Have a nice day. (Add smiley face here)

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