Grand Theft - Petty Presumption
Henry Nicolle - October 2008

The September Seattle Sinner spotlighted conspiracies, a very popular topic these days. That issue could be viewed as almost prophetic, considering the revelations assaulting our reality this month.

Even the cowards, traitors and thieves who dominate our Congress could not find the courage to give their entourage $700,000,000,000.00 (and more) in a single lump sum theft. The bristle and scrape of hemp replacing the silk ties and scarves may have haunted their recent dreams. But, this is all illusion. Congress surely sweated in the heat and flicker of pitchforks and torches approaching the District. They wilted under the pressure of their presumption that the unwashed hoi-polloi might actually DO something, instead of complain across their evening beer and Chablis.

Did you notice the neophyte magician's trick? While Congress spotlighted public attention by denying $700 billion in a bailout, the Federal Reserve quietly and without fanfare released another $680,000,000,000.00 to the same effect.

What is conspiracy? Simple: Two or more people cooperating to the same end. What is criminal conspiracy? Only slightly less simple: The illegal/unlawful conduct of two or more people cooperating to the same end. Now, the big one! What is racketeering criminal conspiracy? Now we approach the daily conduct of government and business in the United States of America. (Research "R.I.C.O." for the legal concept.) A racketeering criminal conspiracy is, for one example, the Congress granting a group of persons exemption from laws prohibiting conduct which has the effect of theft by fraud and counterfeiting. How can an institution be hung for a composite crime? Frankly, the institution cannot be hung, and so they aren't and we are battered and beaten, deceived and defrauded, belittled and defied. Because we cannot hang an institution, the criminals become wealthy, aggregate great powers and go about their lives as freely as they please.

Criminals masquerading as government, corporations, trusts and other institutions presume themselves to be unaccountable for acts conducted under the presumption of shared immunity for common acts, where criminality cannot be assigned to an identifiable individual. It might be advisable as time wears on and our patience with treason wears thin, to turn the presumption around. Perhaps we should hang everyone who touches the process of the crime, everyone who is tinted by some shade of the conspiracy, everyone who has benefitted by the fruit of the crimes of the conspiracy.

Well, maybe not. That last one would include all of us on some government dole, holding some permit or license, paying some tax we do not owe, voting repeatedly for some known criminal. We touch government, we benefit, even when the government is acting outside our law. The point here is that we are surrounded by conspiracies. Some are our own and they are called life in society with others. Some are institutional and those are the ones we should beware and regulate.

Among the 300 million or so Americans are a handful of millions of so-called "Patriots". Probably a million or so individuals truly celebrate the Liberty and self-determination promised by our Declaration of 1776. This is understandable. Virtually none of our society has ever been free, so the concepts of Liberty and self-determination are peculiar thoughts. We know the ideas meant by the words, but since we have not experienced the concepts in life, they are as colors of the rainbow to the congenitally blind, deaf and insensate. There may be an intellectual recognition of the terms but we are inherently incapable of any physical or emotional appreciation for the full value of the human condition embraced by the concepts.

The visceral response of more than 90% of our population to the insults of the so-called "bailout" of the financial sector seems to have made an impression upon the members of our Congress. About the same number of our finest citizens are also superbly dissatisfied with the operations of our government, our foreign wars, our moronic, venal and hubris-filled leadership (government and corporate), but there is no expressed outrage in these latter opinions. Tyranny proceeds apace, unchallenged.

Our society's presumptions for our past, present and future are flawed, as false as government explanations of the sinking of the Maine and the Lusitania, the crash of 1929, the depression of the 1930's, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the subsequent economic recovery, the innumerable non-wars from 1945 and continuing today, the KAL downing, the Flight 800 downing, Ruby Ridge, Waco, World Trade Center bombing #1, 9-11 and now the financial collapse of the world as defined by the Federal Reserve.

We love "CONSPIRACIES!". We grow fat on them. We are never satiated by them. We need to grow up. Our love is killing us. We may be entering our coming of age, replete with ritual circumcisions, scarifying and leaps from high places.

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