Presumption of Guilt - "Culling the Herd"
Henry Nicolle April, 2009

Connecting the dots of modern conspiracy or "Say, did someone just try to kill us all?"

For more than a century, some have suggested that the environment of this planet would benefit by the  dramatic reduction of our population. This Malthusian concept has gained policy status under the evolving and emerging One World - New World Order bureaucracy.

Viruses are common across the globe, but not all viruses affect humans.  Some viruses are deadly.  Ebola is an example of a deadly virus. Avian flu is an example of a common virus which is not necessarily deadly.

Some viruses such as the H5N bird flu do not often affect humans, but when it does infect, it is exceedingly contagious and very deadly.

Viruses constantly change their genetic makeup with each new infection. To make a virus suitable for use as a weapon, it is necessary to induce two or more viruses to share their genes, to participate in a recombination, one which results in a stable and deadly viral product.

The process of recombination is very common, but  rarely produces a dangerous form. Successful “weaponization” of the deadly Avian Flu virus requires simultaneous infection of a single host by lethal and non-lethal forms of the viral strain for the production of a stable, human-deadly virus.

Last month, a series of reports filtered through our major media with very little notice.  Baxter Laboratories had shipped flu vaccine materials to 18 countries to manufacture hundreds of millions of doses of flu vaccine for the global Fall and Winter 2009 flu season.

The report was very low-key. Hardly anyone noticed. It merely mentioned that contamination of the 2009 season flu vaccine materials had been discovered and that the problem was resolved. Additional reporting however, indicated that the contamination was more serious than had been reported by Baxter Labs. The new allegations attracted my attention.

As I read each successive report in our news, it occurred to me that what I was watching was the unraveling and failure of what could be perceived as an attempt to initiate a worldwide culling of humans, using an easily distributed virus as the murder weapon. This act would be an undeclared, covert, genocidal war. It appears to have failed. But it must not go unnoticed or unpunished.

It is not unusual to have an occasional contaminated vaccine batch.  However, to have a live vaccine batch that is contaminated with a live, deadly avian virus is extraordinarily unusual.  The reports state that this type of contamination with this type of virus could not have been accidental.

I repeat, this type of contamination could not have been accidental.

Someone who knew what was required to weaponize a batch of avian flu vaccine performed that act and  orchestrated distribution with the expectation that it would be massively reproduced, distributed around the world and injected into hundreds of millions of people.

Someone expected that recombination to evolve a deadly virus to infect and kill humans.

An infected person would show no symptoms for 8 or nine days.  During that initial period, the individual would have no noticeable symptoms.  During the same symptomless period, he would be passing the virus to everyone with whom he came into contact or company.

Only at the last day or two days would flu symptoms appear.  The first, most noticeable and usually only preliminary symptoms would be severe headache and fever.  Within a day, the disease would produce massive bleeding from every orifice, followed by a quick death.

So, here are the elements of an attempted mass murder.  The elements are precise and the probable sequence of events so clear that the logical trail of evidence should be obvious to the most dull-witted investigator.

The preliminary facts and potential consequences are clear and obvious.  The attempted murder of potentially hundreds of millions of people was initiated by one or more people must be considered to be likely.  Had it not been for a single coincidence of precaution, we would not have known of this attempted destruction of humanity, until people began dropping dead in our streets at the close of 2009.

It is one thing to know and discuss historical conspiracies.  It is another thing entirely, to discover what appears to be modern implementation of that knowledge aimed to kill us dead.

There is no doubt in my mind that we have been attacked with deadly intent. The murder of millions of people has been attempted and that that singular fact should push us from mild paranoia to exceeding caution.

My friends, I believe that we may now be at war. A real war. A silent war where people die a quiet death. Or I am wrong. In either case, good luck to us all.

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