Henry Nicolle - December 2008

AS THIS YEAR ENDS, all I can say for my fellow Americans is "Good Luck, Boyz and Girlz! You're going to need all the luck you can stumble across, and soon." How our Great American Experiment managed to last 233 years in the hands of morons is a complete mystery to me. The treasure of individual rights and liberty a few of us once understood to be valuable enough to risk life and fortune to gain, and worth enough to kill to preserve as our own, has passed into the oblivious hand of public indifference.

I live in a country of submissive (but comfortable) cowards. Can it be true that the lives and sacrifices of our founders and of the countless men and women who strove to preserve the integrity of the individual over the society were a complete waste? Have the pearls of liberty been cast before ignorant and uncaring swine? (Or is it sheep?) We have eaten our seed and squandered our capital. We are now nothing but marginal resources handled by desperate sharecroppers. In the realization of our lives, our opinions have no value and our lives are in constant peril of forfeit.

The incredible part is that we have done all of this to ourselves and WE WILL NOT PERCEIVE OR ACKNOWLEDGE WHAT WE HAVE DONE! YES, I AM SHOUTING. I am screaming bloody murder, throwing rocks, lighting fires and streaming tears of frustration after the silence1 which follows my outcries. Warnings are a waste of time. Where has our self-respect flown? I think this will be my last meandering through the false presumptions which characterize the lack of individual maturity in our society. No amount of the little blue pill can raise the flaccid spirit of liberty in a society of willfully indifferent zombies.

Probably, a more fair description of our fading society would be that of self-retards, adults who retain the character, minds, emotions and lifestyle of emancipated, yet remain dependent three-year-old children. They are at liberty to indulge, walk and talk and reason on a juvenile level and they are completely and voluntarily dependent upon the "adults" who supervise them and, incidentally, feed upon them. We have entered a new level of acceptance of dominance and servitude as the year ends. The enormity of change in status quo this new era brings will be received with passive acceptance and substantial feelings of relief that the "adults" will take care of things. Neither the grown Children of America nor their "adult" owners care to openly discuss their relationship. The mutual arrangements of benefit and sacrifice constructing their symbiotic existence seems immutable to change by outside influence, logic or opinion.

Perhaps liberty has slipped our hand again. It is surely not alive in America as I write this piece. The demise of self-rule and the rise of fascist communitarianism seem to loom just beyond the cold hunger and fires devouring our immediate fate. If liberty remains within our reach, we had best be quick to regain a handhold, because if it is too far gone, it will be a millennium or longer before humanity regains the taste, sense and spirit of the inherent quality and value of individual rights, liberty and self-determination.

Frankly, I think liberty is gone, regardless of the remaining opportunities we have to affect our future. Slavery of some quality has been the lot of most people throughout history and we seem determined to continue in that vein. There are many who can fight for Liberty, but only a few who will. In all, they are a vanishingly small element of our Population. We prefer the illusion of safety, submission and mortgaged prosperity. We are indeed sharecroppers indentured to yet other sharecroppers. All we have, we owe to the company store. Nothing is truly ours to have or to hold without permission. Who would have thought it? None of us! That is why no one believes it and no one will resist it. Morons and cowards, is that the best we can become?

We can have a respectable future, if we are willing to seize it. "To seize" means to get physical, to take and once taken, to defend. The concept must not be confused with asking, pleading, praying, conceding, compromising, voting, proposing, negotiating or any of the numerous substitutes for action offered by cowards and slaves. Why do we blindly obey ridiculous commands and incomprehensible "laws"? It is because we are afraid to resist the demands of our owners. Because we ask without thought of imposition, while they dare command and enforce with deadly assurance. Ask yourself "Who is the master and who is the slave?" For your life, will you command, or will you submit?

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