Policy, Power and Presumption
By Henry Nicolle
Exclusive first publishing granted to The Seattle Sinner June, 2008

Writing about the failures of our Great American Experiment gets to be a bore. The topic is  mundane. The subjects of my criticism are so common and so unconcerned that a futile hostility might be justifiably inferred from my essays. I would agree with the hostility, but not the futility.

Once upon a time, a kid who was born to a nice couple. The kid was O.K., very normal, except he never spoke. Not a babble, not a word at all. His parents were concerned, but they endured. One evening, dinner was botched but the salvaged meal arrived at the dinner table. The kid took his first bite, and instead of his normal silence, he spit it out and exclaimed, "This is terrible!". His shocked parents were overjoyed. "He spoke!", they ejaculated.  Then they said, "Sonny, you can speak!" and  "Why haven't you said anything in all these years?" The kid replied, "Well, up until just now, everything was O.K.!"

Our self-governing "Once upon a time " is similar. We accept subjugation, corruption, violence, theft and betrayal by our public servants because it suits us that their conduct is O.K. by us. What unreasonable harm is done to us is balanced by what we irresponsibly demand and receive of them. Our decay into oblivion continues, for now.

I raise hell because the evil effects of corruption have reached an intolerable level for my personal comfort. I raise hell because everything between us and the people who govern is not O.K. and is fast approaching irredeemably intolerable.

It may be that Hell in a Handbasket is already on our doorstep. Our normal life is being up-ended by people in our government and we will not like our new future.

We have allowed our rights and liberty to be purloined by Cindy and Klopfer, et al. They have imposed the ersatz-liberty of government license and bureaucratic permission. Our new quasi-liberty is fragile, easily denied or restricted under this Devil's Pact. It is a fool's choice, easily lost.

Let me revise your view of our Great American Experiment. I know what you were taught. It was deliberately incomplete, a deliberate fraud intended to misdirect your understanding of our self-governing society. The fraud perpetrates the subjugation of our lives and labors to the purposes of liars and thieves.

We all know that we "Declared our Independence" in 1776, that we have a federal Constitution and a "Bill of Rights". What we do not know or understand is what these all mean in the relational context of a free and self-governing society. The maintenance of our ignorance is intentional. Our ignorance serves our bureaucracy and our leaders. It also quiets our consciences when we suck up to power to unlawfully extract from our neighbors their rights, liberty and property to be among the things and privileges we desire for ourselves.

We invite and welcome our own enslavement in our violent pursuit of things which are not ours by right. Our future is predicted by the ignorance and arrogance of little Cindy Rojas, the thievery of Hubener, the treason of judges like Daily and Klopfer, the mendacity of the "Special Cultures"and the world-class crimes of our state and national leaders.

So, let me return to the Great Deception. We have fought an uninterrupted political contest between expert-rule and self-rule from the very beginning of our country. The isolation of our Constitution from our Declaration and the misconstrual of our first ten Amendments as a "Bill of Rights" instead of as their intended function to"prevent misconstruction or abuse of powers" and to add "further declarative and restrictive clauses" has allowed two and a quarter centuries of intentional abandonment of our purpose for government.

Our purpose for government is explicit and unambiguous: It is to secure the inherent, unalienable rights and liberty of each free man and woman. Government can grant us nothing.

The Constitution crafts the means by which our individual rights and liberty are secured, preserved and protected.

The first ten amendments provide clear guidance for construction of the powers granted, prohibited and reserved by our Constitution.

If any law or policy is considered, we must ask two questions: Does the proposal secure, preserve and protect our individual Rights and Liberty? Are the means of the proposal granted by the Constitution? If either question must be answered "No" or "Maybe", the proposed law is prohibited and cannot be considered.

No man, woman or group can grant any of us a right which we do not already possess and enjoy by virtue of our individual existence. People of government can only protect or destroy. They have no power to grant what we alone possess. Their incomprehension of these facts are the source of their errors as public servants.

Our own ignorance is the source of my ill humor.

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