American Conduct: The Evil Escalator to Oblivion
By Henry Nicolle
Exclusive first publishing granted to The Seattle Sinner September, 2007

Let me ask simple questions:

 What conduct is "sinful"?
 What conduct is "immoral"?
 What conduct is "unethical"?
 Finally, what conduct is simply "evil"?
With your answers fresh in your consciousness, read on.

The following statements are FACTS. What are we going to do about them?

 - We have approved each of the following by our vote or abstinence.
 - Americans are the MOST REGULATED people in the world.
 - Americans have more Americans in prison than there are prisoners in ALL OF THE WORLD together.
 - Americans have waged more unprovoked wars upon innocent people than any other country in the world.
 - Americans have murdered more innocent people than all modern governments except China and the Soviets.
 - We are murdering  innocent families today,  right now, in this very moment.

Is this how the Great American Experiment ends? What will we do to prevent it?

Are you skeptical at what I have presented? What we believe and what we know are different things. Don't demand that I "prove" what I have just placed before you. Whatever "proof" I can provide cannot satisfy your skepticism. You must do as I  have done. Go to the library and dig out the facts of our history and our current state.

When you personally gather the facts, you will know them to be true, to the best of your ability to determine the truth.

Then, if you have a heart,  you will be tempted to cry out in regret for all those we have harmed.

If you have a brain, you will understand why and how evil has prospered among the people of this planet, planted by our labor, nurtured with our wealth, fertilized by our lives, harvested with our blessings and consumed by us with no concern for the stigma we have earned.

Only then will you understand that you cannot stand idle among the carnage of our negligence.

That moment will be your challenge to choose between the good and evil that we all possess and to defend one or the other. Your participation in one or the other cannot be denied by passivity. You cannot avoid personal responsibility with a false claim of non-involvement. You are involved and accountable.

Make your choice. Are you for good or evil? Will you wait for death arriving on your doorstep to hand you his summons before you understand that you are "involved"? Cease the meaningless debate. Act with bold confidence and good conscience. The choice is yours and and the future depends upon your decision.

Our need in 1776 was to clear our government of people who held such contempt for our liberty that we had no rights that the people in government would respect. Our representatives, officials and judiciary now act similarly and no longer consider our instructions noteworthy. They must be replaced by faithful and loyal servants or our carnage littered escalator to oblivion as a free society will deliver us to its ultimate destination.

The Time is Now! Liberty Cannot Wait. Do It Now!

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