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Hello My Friends
Essay by Henry Nicolle - April 2010

I see by our correspondence that we disagree on the issue of accountability of our law enforcement (LEO) members to the People's judgement of what is law and what conduct is acceptable and what is not. You say that the people in government should not be held personally accountable except after the shooting ends, that presumptions of good conduct should always be granted the government.

You and I will probably always be at cross views on some things. That is about as normal as any good friendship ever gets or should get, I would imagine. We are all different in our individual ways. Our uniqueness is our personal strength, the fount of prosperity and security for our society. That fact was the inspiration for our Declaration of Independence and for the foundation of our form of self-government.

But, things in our country and society have changed. We have lost the love for Liberty which gave our personal existence good meaning and kept the purpose of our lives in our own hands.

We are awash to the gunnels in structured liberty and rebellious ambitions of usurped powers.

My friends, the Ship of American Liberty is in the command of pirates and we are being scuttled.

Back when "liberalism and conservatism" cooperatively imposed the beginnings of central authority and centralized management of the circumstances governing our lives, I assumed a personal attitude of presumed compliance as befits a Citizen of an occupied country, ruled by invaders or usurpers. I accepted an environment where ethically and practically, if papers are demanded, you get the papers and do not allow the imposition of fraud and deceit to interfere with your life. "You want papers, eh? OK here are some papers. Am I free to go now?"

Today, I refuse to recognize any demand of me for "papers". Authority has not been granted to abuse my Rights or Liberty and abuse of power remains a constant physical and mortal threat to my person, my Rights, my Liberty and my property. This is unacceptable.

My friends, you choose an ambiguous state, neither fish nor fowl, neither free not completely servile. You may cede your Rights and Liberty for the questionable values of benefits and entitlements funded by violence and the threat of violence, but your choice shades our conversation and gathers peculiar company. I cannot criticize your methods of survival, security and prosperity. Sometimes it is best to crouch in the shadow of those who would harm you.

I will not tolerate it in my own life and so I am at odds with the unlawful conduct of the people I criticize, including your friends and associates who claim a "Special Culture". Those are the men and women of our law enforcement community, our prosecutors and judiciary and the minions of their bureaucracies. They act as tyrants. They are indeed rebels and tyrants, who hold and wield our governing powers today.

Although I hold no personal animosity to anyone, neither do I extend any mercy for those who would deliberately harm me for reasons of "policy" or "obedience to orders". They are thugs, no more, no less. Their ranks and their chain of command are my mortal enemies, regardless of who or what they may be in their private life.

They will kill you and me before they will admit they are wrong to obey tyrants

They deserve no more respect or consideration in my eyes than any common thief or cutthroat.

Their oaths are meaningless once spoken and their word binds nothing of honor. I include the lot of them in current public service, whatever rank or position. It is a broad brush and a ruthless one, for good and practical reasons. When a "good" public servant strikes us only once while their associates are pounding us like crazy, I cannot perceive a friend or a force for reformation behind any fist.

My warnings that their conduct will destroy them and our society falls upon deaf ears. Worse, when their crimes are illuminated and irrefutably documented, they are offended by the revealing and instead of regret, they retaliate with aggression and violence. They should take to heart my well-meant, well-reasoned and well-documented critical warnings.

If I have not erred too badly in noting our rush to eliminate true Liberty and our urge to surrender our lives, our will and our children  to thugs and rebels whose violent conduct is openly evident, people of good will and conduct must suffer along with the evil and the ambitious in the coming storm.

Those who reside for protection in the camp of our common enemy may find their shelter shredding in the gales which immediately precede the storm.

Even if alone, I will stand in the way of tyrants.

Good Luck.

Liberty is never Easy, Safe or totally Free!

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