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Essay by Henry Nicolle

I hope this essay radically offends everyone I have not already managed to aggravate beyond toleration. I am offended beyond exhaustion by the total absence of concern by my fellow Americans for our degradation. I am appalled by the American compatriot unaware of the outrage we should be expressing to our so-called "public servants" for their incontinence. I am crushed under the personal burden of comprehension that we will not speak the truth to ourselves or to our representatives of their treachery and defiance of our authority.

My use of  "incontinence" is no fumble of language, I mean it in every sense that your search engine, dictionary or thesaurus offers. We are weaker than piss, lower than shit and deeper in the lowest depravity possible than mankind can fall.

Most of us are so ignorant of all things outside our individual "job" and "family" that we should not be considered rational or competent to make any decision not encompassed by the limits of family concern or the instructions given us by our employers. The remainder of us, no matter how aware, informed or motivated, are cowards of the first degree. We can relate with comfort and ease and a fair amount of accuracy in a confused venue, every hair, wart and pimple on the ass of what substitutes for a free people of a free and self-governing society, we can name the frauds, the murderers, the cowards, bullies and incompetents of every community, county, state and corner of our union of States.

We are confronted by our public servants' demands that WE, not THEY, serve. "WE ARE NOT YOUR SERVANTS!", they shout! "Do as we tell you!"

We can educate and inform and communicate like hell to our doubled world of ears and not a single ear will hear of our danger.

Our Judiciary usurp the authority to tell us what we mean when we write the Law for governing. Our response is humility in surrender, deference and submission in the meanest of cowardly spirit.

Our representatives and officials defy any suggestion that our authoritative command may cloud their ambitious reach and greed. So, we bow and curtsey to acknowledge our lowness, our noses refreshing every fold, nook and cranny of our anointed.

Half of us are committing suicide by imagined benevolence, bestowing congratulatory self- righteousness upon our bowed heads. Thief's heads may soon bounce from curb to curb.

The remainder of us are not so generous with the Property, Liberty and Rights of other people, but suicide positions itself across every path we elect to tread. Our illumination is darkened by generations of quiet servitude and meek submission to the ambitions of a few committed to violent coercion.

We are not free, none of us. We cannot be free because we will not be free. Fear and loneliness are our left and right feet. They seek the secure path of prior experience and the company of failure. The footprints of those slaves who have journeyed before us or perhaps our own footprints of personal experience begging us to repeat the pain, sacrifice and humiliation of submission.

We will not seize a moment of brave abandonment to regain our Liberty and Soul. We are cowards.

Our Liberty, were we to choose Liberty, would be the proof, rebuke and rejection of the lives of our predecessors, our loved and cherished ones. Our Liberty would be the humiliation, proof of their cowardice and their love for the ambitious over their love and care for themselves and the welfare of their families.

Look in the mirror. When you ask the one in the mirror, "Where are the Patriots who love Liberty more than Life?" and "Who will stand to preserve self- determination for ourselves and for others?", is the reply, "I have done what I could, I voted. I wrote a letter. I gave a dollar, I held a sign and therefore, I have done my duty.”?

In our hundreds of millions, those are the answers of all by a few hundreds of each generation. Perhaps your reply was different.

Cowards are not patriots of any color or fashion. They are simply cowards. Self-preservation can be mistaken for cowardliness, but that is different. A coward will run when there is no threat. A coward will run early to avoid risk and run late only when greed has surpassed his concern for his unworthy skin and placed his skin in jeopardy.

A coward will run to be anywhere but the contest for Liberty.

Perhaps your flesh and fortune are committed to combat for Liberty. Semper Fi, Patriot! A Patriot will fight. When retreat is necessary to prepare to fight anew,  he will run to regroup for the next battle.

The time for cowards is at an end. It is time to get physical to deploy the tools for Liberty.


"These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value."
Thomas Paine, The Crisis"

Liberty is never Easy, Safe or totally Free!

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