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The Coming Storm
Essay by Henry Nicolle

I did not write this next paragraph. It was written by a woman (an old grandma) in another state. I doubt that we have the will, the fortitude or the stomach for the tasks of avoidance.

"We have allowed the police to become a force that is totally in control of our lives with all the new weapons to be used on our own population. No chance of ever getting our towns and cities back under our own control . . . that is until the real men come out of the bushes and start hitting back.

I would love to have an arsenal of testosterone in the form of beer and soda pop and hand it out at every rally and flag wave that goes on. Can you imagine if the people really had the guts to fight back instead of making videos of how badly they have been treated?

I would love to see a video of the people taking away the billy clubs, tasers and other handy weapons the police have and use them against the police themselves.. Can you picture that skin headed, no necked idiot in black bullet proof armor writhing on the ground with a taser stuck in his butt by a old grandma who is pulling the trigger every time he comes to? "

Only a handful of years ago, this kind of open talk was unthought, even by those of us who have been openly critical and actively in opposition to the cowards and criminals who populate our public offices.

A couple years ago, I would have been in very small company speaking out warnings of the problems which must inevitably follow blind obedience and brutal conduct against free men and women by members and supporters of the "Special Culture".

Now, things are changing. Hints and suggestions of personal accountability are blossoming into open threats and warnings. The warnings and cautionary comments should be heeded, but the hubris and indifference of the Special Culture and of those who depend upon their thuggery cannot be underestimated. In the end, "I'm sorry. I didn't understand. I was just doing my job" may be the standard last words before the lampposts bend.

Our friends in blue, black, brown and green, both good and not good, (and the company they keep) are fooling themselves if they believe that their Special Culture bravado, their "professional" training, their plastic armor and a good radio connection to their comrades are going to keep them safe or unharmed. There are not enough of them and they have no idea what a few pissed-off Americans can do to their finely honed egos and shaved scalps as they are crushed and removed.

For the majority of our so-called "law-enforcement" population, they are companies of cowards. Their "courage" is their confidence that they are armed and that we are not. That they have backup and that we do not. That their criminal conduct will be protected in our courts and that ours, even if NOT criminal, will not. They know that they can hurt and kill us with impunity and that we will accept their abuse with the docility of the sheep they believe we are. A protected coward however, remains a coward and he will run when his victims stand and fight.

It is a cruel fact for a coward to discover that the docility of his victims to which he has become accustomed is not docility at all. It is a civilized and peaceful free man's and free woman's reluctance and forbearance to initiate violence or to meet violence with violence which he does not understand.

Violence is not in the nature of most people, but it is an inherent flaw of character and personality of cowards seeking to wear the color and protection of a "Special Culture". It is a failing of those who "obey" policy and orders without hesitation or reluctance in the face of clear criminality of the policy or order. It is a failure of character and personal honor of the "good" servant to support their cowardly associates who obey without question. They are cowards who enjoy the fear and pain of abusive use of violence. Those cowards who give the orders and make the policies of unlawful violence are traitors without honor.

Were they all not afraid, their conduct would not include reflexive initiation of unprovoked brutality and dog-pack "joining in" once violence and abandonment of civilized culture is initiated. They would not "just follow orders" of corrupt purpose and effect.

Yes, these cowards will run, but they cannot run fast enough or far enough to preserve their personal "Special" from justice, however delivered and by whatever means are at hand. There are surprises rising in the shadow of the growing storm.

- - end - -

Liberty is never Easy, Safe or totally Free!

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