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Hate a Friend
Essay by Henry Nicolle - October 2010

Remember the Smothers Brothers? Yeah, them - one of them didn't have a chicken. We've started six or seven wars since they complained about war and segregation. They complained that government had abandoned our rules about how they are supposed to get our permission before killing people and taking their stuff or pushing people around. No-one paid any attention.

The Brothers are still alive, performing and protesting. After having no effect by protest through seven or eight wars, they have not yet puzzled out that they should DO something instead of complaining.

Someone from California wrote a song titled “Who do I have to Hate to Be Your Friend?” Tommy performed the song, solo. The song has a valid point. In America today, your friends demand you hate someone. Lefters and Righters hate each other. Government growthers and Tea-Bagging Patriots tolerate no compromise. The empowered meet the powerless with lethal violence.

I was thinking along those lines as I sat at dinner. There are a lot of good-hearted people who are willing to kill me and people like me in their belief and self-justification that society will benefit by my sacrifice at their hand because I will not be submissive.

I've always wondered about the minds of these people, Progressives, Conservatives and Christians. What drives these people to dominate and to command their friends to tolerate the destruction of Liberty? Why do they so hate self-determined individuals, families, whole sub-groups of society and often entire societies that they are so eager to violently impose the doubtful benefits of mediocrity upon all but themselves?

When a man or woman informs me that I must submit to their will, abandon my rights, surrender my liberty and give over to them what I have gained by investing my life's time, labor and pleasures, they have declared war between us. They are wrong to claim my life merely to dispose of it for their purposes. They have no claim.

The gracious concept of relieving the indolent, indigent and incapable by robbing the diligent and creative risk taker of the fruit of their enterprise is an attempt to sustain the unsustainable and a foul, evil and despicable thought.

It is a concept which has taken root in our modern Western world and has now carried us to the brink of fratricidal collapse. We are killing each other with gratuitous generosity, funding our goodness by theft and fraud and delivering our good intentions lubricated in violence by jack-booted thugs. At each stage of this foul criminality, the perpetrators wrap themselves in the shellac of good Citizenship, pious charity, public duty and sacrifice for the common good. Their conduct remains rape, plunder, pillage and murder, whatever their claims or intentions.

In case you have not noticed the propaganda emitted by the government and their media sock-puppets, we are being manipulated into accepting a violent domestic religious/racial/class conflict. Over the last two decades of social and economic crumbling and foreign wars of Empire, we have matured a common belief that our urban barrios and 'hoods are the breeders of criminal, anti-social sub-cultures.

The propaganda has fostered the assumption that these infestations are inherently alien to the American Way through color and culture conflicts with the White, Christian ethos. They suggest that Federal crime statistics support these conjured beliefs.

During the last decade, with our two dominant minorities successfully demonized in the public mind, additional kindling of color and belief has been added to the preparation for conflagration. Illegal immigration has been effectively touted as the cause and core of bankrupt schools, health care and public services and central to violent drug wars.

Supplementing this foundation of evil colors we have now been convinced that the threat of color and culture has now been enlarged by criminal allies of Middle-Eastern Muslim color, culture and belief. The die have come to rest and the numbers which show are snake-eyes.

Half-truths are the ammunition of liars. We are predisposed to believe government lies because we are reluctant to openly oppose presumptions of Authority. People with Authority are killers, pure and simple. They act out their ambitions and if those ambitions are criminal, they clothe them in the colors of office, duty and law before they kill. Today, they often don't bother with color, they just kill.

If you are afraid and pay “taxes” not owed, have “licenses” infringing your Rights and Liberty, if you are unarmed to defend your life, you are a killer's facilitator and accessory.

If you are one who demands that we submit, your hands, not-friend, are bloody.

Friend, your money and property are gained at the expense of your hours of life. Who owns you? The stage is set. “Who Must I Hate to Be Your Friend?”

Liberty is never Easy, Safe or totally Free!

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